Hey there. I'm Kesha Phillips.

I'm a wife, momma, digital marketing guru, authenticity advocator, and a purveyor of positive energy who's based out of the Atlanta Metro area.
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Check Out Some of My Highlights

Career Began
My first experience in digital was as an entrepreneur doing freelance graphic design projects for local companies. I started a parenting & lifestyle blog.
CBS Better Mornings Atlanta
Made first of three appearances on CBS Better Mornings Atlanta writing segment outlines and appearing as a parenting & lifestyle expert.
CBS Better Mornings Atlanta
Voice of the Year
Honored as “Voice of the Year” by Blogher.com for think piece titled “Brown Blogger in a Vanilla World.”
Big Brand Partnerships
Successfully developed and executed online marketing campaigns for companies like Lysol, Tyson Foods, and Walmart Family Mobile effectively expanding audiences and increasing awareness of each brand.
The Weather Channel
Made first of two appearances on AMHQ with Sam Champion on the Weather Channel appearing as one of their resident mom bloggers.
The Weather Channel
Officially became a published author with piece appearing in the classic feel-good series Chicken Soup for the Soul: My Amazing Mom.
Speaking Enagagement
Keynote speaker at Georgia State University Student Conference on internet, apps and social media.
Honors Society
Inducted into Phi Theta Kappa Honors society at Georgia State University
Honors Society
Speaking Enagagement
*Upcoming: Guest lecturer at Georgia State University for fall semester of Digital Learners to Leaders course. Topic: Social Media & Personal Branding.
Professional Bio

Kesha's Story

Kesha Phillips is an accomplished digital marketer, visual designer, photographer, and creative director who works to capture and share brand stories that inspire people to engage. She is currently lending her skills to Mighty Distributing System of America serving as their Digital Media Manager.

In her time at Mighty, Kesha was responsible for the company’s increasing development and expansion into emerging digital media trends that have positioned the company as thought-leaders within the automotive aftermarket industry.

Before joining Mighty, Kesha’s highly creative perspective earned her opportunities to work on national, prominent campaigns with Fortune 500 clients, design product lines, speak and educate, and publish a growing collection of articles.

Kesha graduated with High Honors from Georgia State University Perimeter College with a degree in Business Administration and has now committed herself to helping minority women achieve their professional dreams by arming them with knowledge: Knowledge of self and knowledge of digital marketing. She aspires to help women
around the world to leverage their personal brands and stories to obtain financial independence and the lifestyle of their choice.

After 8 years of marriage, Kesha still maintains inappropriate thoughts of her husband Will. And she absolutely adores their twins Ari and Jaxon who she upholds as “the coolest twins ever”. She is happiest when with her awesome family binging Netflix series at their home on the East side of Atlanta, Georgia.

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